Faith Friday – Believing In Your Prayers

For, I’d say, the last 5 years, I’ve prayed for so many things to happen to my life. I prayed for jobs, relationships, health – a ton of things.  I prayed that God would create situations that I wanted to be in – and surprise – my prayers weren’t answered. I had almost started looking at life’s curveballs as a joke, I mean, if there was something I even remotely wanted, I automatically knew I didn’t stand a chance getting it, because it felt like God always had other plans for me. I got REALLY angry with the Lord. I was so mad that I could never make those big plans for my life. Why is He tossing all these curveballs? I saw friends living their best life and I felt like I was having a rainy day ALL THE TIME. I prayed to desire what God wanted for my life, but many things I prayed for, that I thought would make me happy, weren’t placed in my life. I’m a happy person, so don’t think this post means that I don’t have joy in my heart. I think God was just holding out His cards for my latest prayer. While, I hope to share it with y’all very soon, it’s still very personal. I hope you understand – but, the most important thing is, my prayer was answered. I’m writing all this to say, when your prayers and petitions are FINALLY in line with God’s will the world feels like magic. I think the difference between my answered prayer and my “redirected” prayers were my belief in the outcome. I believe our minds create our own reality by believing our own personal truths. For instance, if everyday I look in the mirror and say “I’m fat”, guess what, I’m going to start identifying myself as fat. If I speak confidence over my life, I’ll be bold and outgoing. If I claim something into existence, it exists. Your mind is so powerful. That’s why it’s so important to speak your prayers into existence. Speak LIFE over them, nurture your desires and give them completely to God. His word says they will be given to you. “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24