Faith Friday – Making Plans

By the time most people graduate college, they have some sort of an idea about what they want to do for the rest of their life – especially when it comes to their career, relationships, and even where they want to live. Then, there’s me. I’m very go-with-the-flow, here-and-now oriented. I am NOT a planner. I am 10,000% okay with that. Just because I don’t have my entire life planned out perfectly, doesn’t mean there isn’t some sort of a plan. I guess the main reason I don’t really have a plan for my future is that my plans ALWAYS seem to fail. It’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my 23 years on this planet. That may seem like a bad thing to you. It’s quite the opposite. I am so glad that many of my “big” plans never worked out.

I’ve always wanted to live at the beach. As a little girl, while my friends were playing house, I was playing “go to the beach”. It was my happy place, and still is. I went to college near the beach and eventually moved within 5 minutes of the ocean after graduation. You would guess my life was a dream. Wrong. More horrible things happened in my life that year and a half than I could count. Why were so many things going wrong when I was finally where I wanted to be? In case you haven’t guessed it, I was completely out of God’s will. I decided the best way to change that was to leave. To forfeit MY plan.

I am in no way saying giving up is the answer to any problem.

I am saying that what I wanted was not what I needed. I didn’t need to spend my entire paycheck on rent. I didn’t need to live hours away from friends and my job. I didn’t need to be out of church. I didn’t need to be in a toxic situation. I was developing tiny habits in that place that would eventually ruin me. God saw that when I couldn’t. I am thankful to have had people in my life to encourage me in my decision to move, even though they knew it was a special place to me.

God took my plans and trashed them. He is slowly showing me how mighty His plans are for me. He has given me new passions and resources – none of which would have happened unless I surrendered to His plans. I’m writing this to remind you that you’re not a loser. You’re not a failure. You’re not worthless. There isn’t a master clock or timeline that we’re supposed to follow. Plans change. Plans fail. Plans also develop. Be hopeful in those developing plans. It’s God’s plan for you to succeed in His will. Timing is everything. Things may seem hopeless, but I promise, there are “far greater things ahead than any you leave behind.”


A ValleyΒ 

Sometimes life comes at you HARD. Everything is going perfectly and then BAM – everything falls apart. I’m pretty sure this has happened to most of us, probably more than once.

I won’t get into the extreme details, but that is precisely how things have been going for me. I’ve definitely been clinging to God’s promises, but let’s be real, there ain’t nothing exciting about being in a valley.

God says He is with us on the mountain and in the valley, and in the valley is where we are the most blessed – Um, excuse me, blessed??? Here’s what James 1:2-4 says: “Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.”

When we are faced with difficult times, we call on Him. We need Him. Have you ever fallen and gotten hurt? I have, a lot. The first thing you search for is a bandage. It would be awful to desperately need a bandage and not have one. God’s love and protection, grace and mercy are found abundantly during life’s falls. We are BEYOND blessed to have Him ever-present to mend our brokenness. He is our bandage.

Now, I’m definitely preaching to the choir because things are still going to HURT and hurt bad, but growth comes from trials. Maturity comes from pressure. Broken things can be mended. If you’re in a low place in life, turn on your favorite music, go for a drive, eat Ben and Jerry’s, and call on the Lord. He is faithful to answer. It has to get better!