5 Things I Wish I Learned Before 24

IMG_7587IMG_7560IMG_7557IMG_7552IMG_7550IMG_7548IMG_7540IMG_7536IMG_7537Happy Monday y’all! Yes, I did just say “happy” because it’s October and it’s officially my birthday month – so I’m pretty excited. I’ll be 24 and I plan on making the most of my 24th year by traveling, taking risks, and moving – you read that right! Anyway, I wanted to share a few things I wish I would have learned before I turn 24. Because, shoulda’, coulda’, woulda’ right?

1. Just because you’ve learned to eat alone doesn’t mean you should. I became über independent in college. It brought out an intense introverted quality in me and I started to really enjoy doing life alone. I would go shopping alone, workout alone, and eat alone. I stopped meeting new people and even ignored some of my best friends for the sake of “alone time”. You need people in your life. Sure, eating alone every once in a while does allow you to be introspective, but it also cripples some pretty great relationships.

2. Just because Sally bought a Louis Vuitton and a 4Runner doesn’t mean you need to. Two of my dream purchases right there y’all! But, I’ve spent way to much energy being low-key jealous of people who have those two things that I’ve contemplated buying them just to satisfy that craving – how dumb? I’m very passionate about living within your means. I was willing to go well outside of mine just to have something that I don’t need right now and that isn’t currently practical for me. I refuse to put myself in debt for selfish reasons. Thank God I haven’t acted on those selfish ambitions before now!

3. People aren’t as bad as they seem. I have placed so much judgment on people because I thought they think differently than me, only to find out we share more in common than I thought. Those very people are some of my best friends. I wish it didn’t take me 24 years to figure that out.

4. Be unapologetically proud of who you are. God has called us all to a life of greatness.  He created you with uniqueness and grace. When someone makes fun of the obnoxious gold shoes you love – WEAR THEM ANYWAY. If someone prefers your hair straight when its naturally curly – YOU BETTA ROCK THOSE CURLS. If someone disses your laugh – LAUGH LOUDER. I’ve learned that the insecurities of others raise their ugly heads at people who are happy. Don’t let someone’s weakness steal your joy.

5. Jesus will be there always – but don’t use His grace as an excuse to sin. I wish I never had to say I’ve been there, but I have. I won’t go into harsh details, but I completely  put my faith out the window several years ago out of bitterness and anger, knowing that if I ever wanted God to “rescue me” He would. While He did rescue me, I took advantage of the grace He freely gives.

On to the outfit deets!

This has been one of my tried and true Fall outfits for the past few years. It’s simple, easy to create, and comfortable. I love the neutral colors that blend so perfectly with each other – I’m a sucker for hunter green! I’ve also gotten some questions about my phone case. It’s from the dollar section at Target and I got it last year. I’ll share some similar cases that I really love!

Tee: similar here | Vest: similar here | Jeans: Gap | Booties: Lucky Brand | Lip Color: Nars | Phone Case: similar here