Little Black Dress

Y’all, there is nothing I love more on a really hot day than a dress – well maybe a snowcream icee – but dresses are a close second. I actually purchased this dress last Summer, but never got around to posting it. I recently re-organized my closet and found this bad boy still in the bag hidden under one of my clothes racks. I have been seeing so many similar dresses being shared by bloggers for upwards of $75. But have no fear. You know I’m here to hook y’all up with the where AND the wear!

Marshall’s. That is where everyone needs to go and stock up on some Summer attire. I actually hit the mac-daddy jackpot last Summer and found about 95% of my wardrobe from this store. I’m a huge fan of mixing preppy and bohemian styles and this was it for me!  I love the crocheted lace detailing on the top and bottom. It’s lined (can I get an amen?) and it goes with anything and everything. It’s a great dress to wear to a wedding or graduation.

You can find similar dresses here, here, and here!

On a different note, I wanted to remind you all that you are loved. There are so many times when life may let you down or underwhelm you. You are worthy. No one’s decisions or lack of dedication is a reflection of you. God designed you for a holy purpose. While it’s frustrating to go through seasons of drought, when those blessings do start going your way, they will do so in a FLOOD. Stay focused and stay comforted in His peace. He’s got you! Have a good week friends!


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