Where Do I Shop?

I am asked all the time where I buy my clothes. I pretty much shop at the same circle of stores, and y’all can probably guess which ones are going to be included! I wanted to compile a list of five stores and tell you what a like about the store and why I frequently shop there. Let’s get started!!

1. It’s Fashion Metro – My holy grail. I shop at this store for a few reasons, first off being the price range of items. It’s so affordable. I’ve never paid more than $30 for a single item. Totally budget friendly. Most items come in small stock, so it’s not very likely someone will show up at a party with your new shirt or jeans. I also love this store because I can find so many high-end look-a-likes and dupes at fractions of the price.

2. Rugged Warehouse – Yet again, a store that draws me in because of the affordable clothes! You can find designer products at extremely low prices, so you can find quality and not spend your entire paycheck. I’ve found brands like Nike, Express, Lucky Brand, and Victoria’s Secret at Rugged Warehouse. 

3. Forever 21 –  I’m noticing a theme. I really have a thing for affordable clothing…duh. I like that this store is trendy and suitable for so many styles. It can be overwhelming to walk into a store that is seemingly unorganized, but it can also be like a treasure hunt. It’s a great place to find a quick outfit for a special event or trip.

4. H&M – Similar to Forever 21, this store is legit on the trendy train. I can ALWAYS find something adorable in this store. You can find super cheap things as well as nicely made more extravagant items. I love that I can download the app and search for products to order!

5. Jane – Most of you have probably discovered Jane.com by now, but I’ve only been on this train for about a year and a half. Most of my life comes from this website/app. Need a gift idea? Check it out. Need new accessories? Done. Want something with your name monogrammed on it? (SDS) Jane.com boo! Affordable and tons of categories to shop under, including home goods, clothing, and accessories. A total win in my book!

Although this isn’t a complete list of my favorite stores, it definitely gives you an insight into where I get a lot of my clothing ideas. Thanks for reading!

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