When God Says No

I am the most indecisive human being on the planet. Forreal.  I’m never good at making decisions and I never WANT to make decisions, but when I do, I make it completely and with my whole heart and soul (get it).  When those decisions turn out to be bad or mediocre I get super anxious and second-guess every other decision I’m making or have ever made.  Way to go Stacie.

But God commands us to not worry about decisions. He doesn’t ask us to maybe hold back on our fears for a minute and look at them again, he says DO NOT worry.  When my plans go right in my eyes I celebrate. When I think my plans go “wrong” even if in the grander scheme of things it’s exactly what needed to happen, I shut down.  Fear sets in. Worry takes over. My self-confidence is depleted.

The answer is no?!

Why can’t I completely put my trust in Him and know His ways are higher and mightier and perfect? Because I think I know more than God. That’s why. Ouch. How dumb can I be? I claim I trust God, but it seemed I was only trusting Him when things were going MY way. When my path took an unexpected turn, I became the backseat driver that wanted to redirected the BEST driver ever.

But, He knows where I’m going and just how to get me there quickly and safely. He’s in control.  When he takes me on a different road, I’m not going to complain. I’m going to enjoy the journey and really really try to go with the flow!

Enjoy your journey.  Don’t let a detour become a defeat!


One thought on “When God Says No

  1. I struggled with that as well but I’m getting better at trusting Him during difficult times. When I do trust Him, once I come out of those uncomfortable or painful situations I have a sense of clarity as to why I went through what I went through. Clarity is always a good feeling lol. Of course I feel much stronger as well. I’ll send a prayer up for you 💙


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