The Wildest Clothing Hack

I’m such a sucker for bright colors, and even more of a sucker for pink, so put the two together and I basically already own it.  Then, if you throw Target into the mix its pretty much a must have.  I was picking up ONE thing from Target – says everyone that ever goes into the store, and on my way to check out I saw it.  This adorable pink number.  Only downside, it was in the kids section and is supposed to be a dress.  I was like, “Stacie, people already mistake you for a high school student, would a 24 year old be caught dead in that?” Then I thought, I like it. Who cares, I could style this as a tunic and it would beautiful! I bought a child’s small and it fits perfect.

Long story short, be “wild” in choosing what makes you happy, especially when it comes to clothing.  Be bold and fearless and I assure you, your confidence while wearing what you love will light up rooms.  You can find this “tunic” here! I paired these gorgeous earring for a fun mix of color. I purchased them from H&M several months ago and get so many compliments on them.

What bold choices have you made when it comes to your style? I’d love to know!

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