Still Waters 

For the last few weeks, I’ve been making an effort to take Charlie on fun walks as much as I can. He LOVES going to parks for hikes. He sniffs and smells all around the trails and likes chasing squirrels and birds. It’s great because I get to walk/run with him and love on God’s handy work.

We love one trail in particular because it leads us down the river and along streams with waterfalls. It’s so beautiful. The birds sing, the trees are so green, and the sound of the water rushing over the falls is hypnotizing. Today we were running on one part of the trail where the water wasn’t moving. I don’t know about y’all, but God puts words in my brain on repeat when He wants me to focus on them. “Still Water” I kept thinking and speaking out loud (I’m a nut) and the obvious verse in Psalm came to my mind – “He leads me beside still water and restores my soul” you know the drill. That’s great, it’s a beautiful psalm. But I didn’t think that’s the way I was supposed to look at it.

Still water.

In John 2, Jesus was at a wedding. (#galileematrimony) The party must have been rockin’ because they ran out of wine. What did Jesus do? He changed 6 huge tubs of water into wine, and it was one of the first miraculous works He performed. Plus, not only did he change plain water into wine, but it was good, good wine. It’s says after he did it, his disciples “believed in Him.”

I’m telling you this because we all have times in our lives where we have 6 huge buckets of water at partys/weddings and we don’t have the guts to as The Lord to make it wine. It’s still water. We don’t allow God to perform miracles in our lives because we’re too focused on the “water”. That water could be a friend we want saved, a job we hope to get, or a healthier life, but we’re too afraid to ask God to make it happen. And if we actually did, it would be good! Really good!

I hope this encourages you to talk with God about changes you wish to see in your life. You deserve 6 tubs of wine, not 6 tubs of something that’s still water!

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