Instagram Outfit Details

Pink Shirt (Rugged Warehouse)
Jeans (It’s Fashion Metro)
Shoes (Kmart)
Necklace (Etsy)

Striped Shirt (Family Dollar) (you read that correctly)
Jeans (Rugged Warehouse)
Shoes (Belk)
Clutch (gift)

It’s finally Friday! I thought it would be fun to share a couple outfits I recently put together in two Instagram posts. Most of these pieces don’t have direct links, but I still wanted to share a little outfit inspiration with you. Have a great weekend!

Where Do I Shop?

I am asked all the time where I buy my clothes. I pretty much shop at the same circle of stores, and y’all can probably guess which ones are going to be included! I wanted to compile a list of five stores and tell you what a like about the store and why I frequently shop there. Let’s get started!!

1. It’s Fashion Metro – My holy grail. I shop at this store for a few reasons, first off being the price range of items. It’s so affordable. I’ve never paid more than $30 for a single item. Totally budget friendly. Most items come in small stock, so it’s not very likely someone will show up at a party with your new shirt or jeans. I also love this store because I can find so many high-end look-a-likes and dupes at fractions of the price.

2. Rugged Warehouse – Yet again, a store that draws me in because of the affordable clothes! You can find designer products at extremely low prices, so you can find quality and not spend your entire paycheck. I’ve found brands like Nike, Express, Lucky Brand, and Victoria’s Secret at Rugged Warehouse. 

3. Forever 21 –  I’m noticing a theme. I really have a thing for affordable clothing…duh. I like that this store is trendy and suitable for so many styles. It can be overwhelming to walk into a store that is seemingly unorganized, but it can also be like a treasure hunt. It’s a great place to find a quick outfit for a special event or trip.

4. H&M – Similar to Forever 21, this store is legit on the trendy train. I can ALWAYS find something adorable in this store. You can find super cheap things as well as nicely made more extravagant items. I love that I can download the app and search for products to order!

5. Jane – Most of you have probably discovered by now, but I’ve only been on this train for about a year and a half. Most of my life comes from this website/app. Need a gift idea? Check it out. Need new accessories? Done. Want something with your name monogrammed on it? (SDS) boo! Affordable and tons of categories to shop under, including home goods, clothing, and accessories. A total win in my book!

Although this isn’t a complete list of my favorite stores, it definitely gives you an insight into where I get a lot of my clothing ideas. Thanks for reading!

Dreamy Maxi Dress

Have you ever had an idea about a piece of clothing that you NEED in your life? For me, it’s been a floral maxi with pink details. Particularly a dress with brighter colors and sleeves. I had to have one. I literally searched for months and then I happened to run across this beauty. It’s a floor length maxi with an Aztec print. Although it’s not the floral dress I dreamed about (literal dreams y’all) it’s still like a fairytale!

I purchased it from Rugged Warehouse but the brand is Express.  It has a darling button down detail in the front and cinched waist. It came with a neutral slip underneath and has a small slit opening at the bottom. The best part is, I paid less than $15.00 for it. So affordable, especially for the brand!

It wears perfectly with wedges or heels, especially if you’re of the shorter variety like myself. I purchased an XS and it’s still pretty long on me. I’d definitely suggest this dress if you’re searching for a Spring maxi!

What are some of your dream clothing items?

Today’s Favorites 

Monday’s are drab especially when it’s a rainy Monday. These next three products should brighten your day a little.

First off is “Very Charleston” a book about one of my fave places, the one, the only, Charleston, South Carolina! It pretty much shares all the coolest things about the beautiful city and the book itself is adorable. It is written and illustrated by Diana Hollingsworth Gessler.

This perfect mint color by Seche was purchased from Sally Beauty Supply. It is in the shade charming, and I love it! It’s a bright pop of color for Spring and goes well with any outfit.

The last product is a little splurge, the Bumble and Bumble curl creme. I love it for days when I want to wear my hair natural. It’s lightweight and keeps my curls full and frizz free without giving a “gel” look. I purchased it from Sephora. If you have curly hair, this is a great higher-end product to try!

My student’s final dance competition went so well this weekend! They came home with so many amazing awards, and I even received two choreography awards! I also had my third infusion today and I sure hope this medicine is healing my body. I hope everyone has a great week and thanks for reading!

When God Says No

I am the most indecisive human being on the planet. Forreal.  I’m never good at making decisions and I never WANT to make decisions, but when I do, I make it completely and with my whole heart and soul (get it).  When those decisions turn out to be bad or mediocre I get super anxious and second-guess every other decision I’m making or have ever made.  Way to go Stacie.

But God commands us to not worry about decisions. He doesn’t ask us to maybe hold back on our fears for a minute and look at them again, he says DO NOT worry.  When my plans go right in my eyes I celebrate. When I think my plans go “wrong” even if in the grander scheme of things it’s exactly what needed to happen, I shut down.  Fear sets in. Worry takes over. My self-confidence is depleted.

The answer is no?!

Why can’t I completely put my trust in Him and know His ways are higher and mightier and perfect? Because I think I know more than God. That’s why. Ouch. How dumb can I be? I claim I trust God, but it seemed I was only trusting Him when things were going MY way. When my path took an unexpected turn, I became the backseat driver that wanted to redirected the BEST driver ever.

But, He knows where I’m going and just how to get me there quickly and safely. He’s in control.  When he takes me on a different road, I’m not going to complain. I’m going to enjoy the journey and really really try to go with the flow!

Enjoy your journey.  Don’t let a detour become a defeat!


The Most Beautiful Kimono

When does Target not succeed when it comes to clothing? This Kimono is beautiful and flowy and has flowers – so basically you need it. The sleeves are 3/4 and have adorable ruffles at the bottom.  I purchased it for under $25. Normally I don’t gravitate towards black for warmer seasons, but there are so many outfit possibilities with this number! I love it with this black tank also from Target and jeans from Forever 21. To give it a more bohemian vibe I added a three strand leather headband. I’m not exactly sure where I got it – it’s one of those purchases you made in high school and always kept because you knew it would come in handy eventually – but it pairs perfectly with the “vibe”.

Shop This Look

Aside from the clothes, Charlie is 5 months old today! He is teething really bad, but he is doing a great job of only chewing on his chew toys.  I freaked out when he lost his first tooth – like full out panic. I’ve been on Spring Break this week, so we’ve both relaxed and I’ve caught up on a lot of tasks. My students have a dance competition this weekend, so I’m excited to cheer them on. I’ll get another treatment on Monday, THANK GOD. I haven’t been feeling the best since my last one a month ago, so this one is definitely anticipated. This week also marks one year since I started blogging.  I’ve learned so much about myself: what I like, don’t like, and what I should value. Thanks so much for stopping by!


The Wildest Clothing Hack

I’m such a sucker for bright colors, and even more of a sucker for pink, so put the two together and I basically already own it.  Then, if you throw Target into the mix its pretty much a must have.  I was picking up ONE thing from Target – says everyone that ever goes into the store, and on my way to check out I saw it.  This adorable pink number.  Only downside, it was in the kids section and is supposed to be a dress.  I was like, “Stacie, people already mistake you for a high school student, would a 24 year old be caught dead in that?” Then I thought, I like it. Who cares, I could style this as a tunic and it would beautiful! I bought a child’s small and it fits perfect.

Long story short, be “wild” in choosing what makes you happy, especially when it comes to clothing.  Be bold and fearless and I assure you, your confidence while wearing what you love will light up rooms.  You can find this “tunic” here! I paired these gorgeous earring for a fun mix of color. I purchased them from H&M several months ago and get so many compliments on them.

What bold choices have you made when it comes to your style? I’d love to know!