OOTD and Life Update 

It’s show week! I can finally check choreographing a Disney musical off my list of list of life goals. The process has been 100% enjoyable. I can’t wait to do another show!

Charlie is still fantastic. He was 3 months old last week *tears* and is my absolute dream dog. He has really helped keep my mind on positive things and is always down to snuggle.

I’ve been approved to start a new infusion treatment for Crohn’s Disease and will hopefully begin taking those in a couple of weeks. I’ve been doing a fine job of pretending to feel great, so I’m excited to actually feel great soon!

Oh yeah, I cut my hair. Like myself. Well, here’s the story. I haven’t had a haircut since last February – like 2016 February. My hair was awful. Long, but awful. I kept meaning to call and make an appointment, but I have ZERO time to go to the salon, so as any brave girl would do, I cut it myself. I made a blunt cut and took about 4 inches off. I’m SO happy with how it turned out!!

Now on to the clothes.

I thrifted this Ralph Lauren button-up in this amazing light pink color. I can already tell I’m going to buy all the things in this color! I love it.

White Jeans are from Rugged Warehouse and I purchased them last year. They are my favorite white jeans because they are thick, cropped, and just a tad high wasted. Bomb.

The leopard clutch is from It’s Fashion Metro and has been on repeat for some time now. Sorry y’all, I just love it. It goes with everything.

My hat was purchased from the City Market in Charleston, SC. I’ve also worn this in several of my Spring posts from last year. I’m glad I can finally bring it back.

Thanks for reading!

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