The Best Way To Clean Makeup Brushes 

  First of all, I’m still alive! Last weekend I came down with the flu and felt like death for the whole week and did not get to anything on my to-do list! On top of having the flu and dealing with another chronic illness, I threw a nine week old puppy into the mix! This week has been trying to say the least, but my puppy is the sweetest and is so smart and I’m feeling much better. 

To jump right into the point of this post, I found this amazing product that works great for cleaning your brushes! Dawn Ultra Platinum Foaming Dish Soap is a great alternative to buying branded brush cleaner. You can find it any grocery store, I bought mine from Walmart. It’s gentle yet powerful and really, really gets my brushes and makeup sponges clean. I simply wet the brush with warm water, add a pump of dish foam, scrub the brush and rinse. I’ll then let the brushes air dry overnight. 

I love this product so much because I know it’s gentle and safe. It’s also fairly inexpensive and priced similarly to mid-market cleaners. I urge you to give it a try and let me know what you think! 


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