My Secret Revealed

charlie-1charlie-2charlieMeet Charlie Dawgson! I’ve been in the process of becoming his mom since the Summer of 2016. Being a girl with a chronic illness, I have researched and researched the benefits of having a pet companion. He is a Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle and is just a little over 9 weeks old. He is a “mini” and will be less than 25 pounds. He has fleece versus fur which means he will shed very little and he is essentially hypoallergenic. He is gold (which is my fav color) with a white chest, beard, and patch on his head (I die for the cuteness). He is so well mannered and smart. He’s already picking up on basic commands and is even sitting! I would definitely recommend this breed to anyone. I got him from a fabulous breeder that takes such great care of their pups! If you’d like any information, feel free to send me an e-mail. In the mean time, I’ll go ahead and apologize for the amount of pictures I’ll be sharing of him. He is just so perfect! He has been spoiled already and is so loved!

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