Two AMAZING Breakfast Spots You HAVE To Try 

     I spent my college years, and the majority of my “adult” life in Wilmington, North Carolina.  During that time I came across AMAZING local food. Two restaurants that are absolutely my favorite for breakfast include The Dixie Grill and Blue Surf Cafe. Now, I’m easy to please – especially with breakfast food. Just give me something with a lot of cheese and hot coffee. But, these spots are different. The food is made with, I guess you could say, “care”. Your tummies will thank you!

The Dixie Grill has been a long time favorite of mine.  It’s where I love to bring people who have never been to Wilmington. The atmosphere is “hipster” if that makes sense.  It’s a great place for mimosas in mason jars, local artwork, and BREAKFAST BURRITOS.  I love the bacon jalapeño burrito with a side of salsa and Franks Red Hot Sauce.  I alternate between brekfast potatoes and cheese grits as a side.  The burrito is LOADED with eggs, potatoes, bacon, cheese, jalapeños, and other spices, tightly rolled and grilled on a tomato basil wrap. It’s fairly inexpensive, especially for all the food you can get, I will often only eat half. It’s located in downtown Wilmington on Market Street with parking avaiable on the street and easy access to the river. It’s a MUST try in my opinion.

Blue Surf Cafe is another one of my favorite restaurants in Wilmington. Being that it is only about a mile from UNCW it’s a great option for college students.  The menus are on giant chalkboards with most of the ingredients listed. A personal favorite of mine is the bacon egg and cheese sandwich on sourdough. It’s a classic that they have perfected. The bacon is always perfectly cooked and not greasy and the perfect combination with the fried egg, melted cheese, and toasted bread. At $5.00 it’s a price that cannot be beat.

The Dixie Grill: 116 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

Blue Surf Cafe: 250 Racine Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403

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