The Best Way To Clean Makeup Brushes 

  First of all, I’m still alive! Last weekend I came down with the flu and felt like death for the whole week and did not get to anything on my to-do list! On top of having the flu and dealing with another chronic illness, I threw a nine week old puppy into the mix! This week has been trying to say the least, but my puppy is the sweetest and is so smart and I’m feeling much better. 

To jump right into the point of this post, I found this amazing product that works great for cleaning your brushes! Dawn Ultra Platinum Foaming Dish Soap is a great alternative to buying branded brush cleaner. You can find it any grocery store, I bought mine from Walmart. It’s gentle yet powerful and really, really gets my brushes and makeup sponges clean. I simply wet the brush with warm water, add a pump of dish foam, scrub the brush and rinse. I’ll then let the brushes air dry overnight. 

I love this product so much because I know it’s gentle and safe. It’s also fairly inexpensive and priced similarly to mid-market cleaners. I urge you to give it a try and let me know what you think! 


My Secret Revealed

charlie-1charlie-2charlieMeet Charlie Dawgson! I’ve been in the process of becoming his mom since the Summer of 2016. Being a girl with a chronic illness, I have researched and researched the benefits of having a pet companion. He is a Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle and is just a little over 9 weeks old. He is a “mini” and will be less than 25 pounds. He has fleece versus fur which means he will shed very little and he is essentially hypoallergenic. He is gold (which is my fav color) with a white chest, beard, and patch on his head (I die for the cuteness). He is so well mannered and smart. He’s already picking up on basic commands and is even sitting! I would definitely recommend this breed to anyone. I got him from a fabulous breeder that takes such great care of their pups! If you’d like any information, feel free to send me an e-mail. In the mean time, I’ll go ahead and apologize for the amount of pictures I’ll be sharing of him. He is just so perfect! He has been spoiled already and is so loved!

Forever 21 Bell Sleeved Top and Secret Reveal


The bell sleeve trend has been a big deal over the last few months. I’m so excited the weather is warming up enough to bring this baby out. I bought it in November from Forever 21 and it is just the most adorable top in the history of ever! It has a cute lattice detail on the sleeve and ties in the back. The neckline is so flattering and modest. It goes great with jeans or a pencil skirt and would be great for a casual day at work or a date night! My jeans are just skinny jeans from Gap. I love these because they aren’t too long for me. (short girl probs). My monogram necklace is an XXL acrylic monogram from Etsy, I mentioned it in my last post! The leopard clutch was a find from It’s Fashion Metro and my maroon suede booties are from Rugged Warehouse. My nail color is a Sally Hanson gel polish in the shade “Pat on the Black” and it’s so pretty. It’s the perfect “vampy” shade and lasts forever!

On to the real reason you clicked on this post – The Secret. I’ve been holding in a huge secret since last July and I’ll be doing a post completely dedicated to it on Saturday. It’s something I’ve been dreaming about since I was a little girl. Follow my snapchat (sdawson11) and twitter (@heartandsoul93) for sneak peaks and come on this journey with me! Any guesses on the secret?

How I Got FREE Clothes


Happy Friday beautiful people! This week has been forreal, so crazy. I’ve been working so hard on a project that is coming soon to The Heart and Soul Blog, Choreographing for a production of Mary Poppins, and getting my students ready for their first competition of the season. I’m also stressing to the MAX over some super big news I get to share with you next weekend, so stay tuned! Moving on to the real reason I’m so stoked about this post: the clothes!

I got this suede Melissa Paige top from Belk…for free. I currently have a Belk rewards card and every so often I’ll get $10.00 in rewards dollars to spend on anything in the store.  I found this top and fell in love. When I went to check out, I remembered that $10.00 in rewards. The top rang up for like $9.50 and I was able to get it absolutely free with those rewards! Ahh!

My monogram necklace was $30.00. It’s an XXL gold acrylic monogram from ETSY. It realllly beats $350.00 for gold plated monogram necklaces. I will say, they break easily. When I got mine in the mail it was cracked *cue tears* but the seller is super nice and fixed it asap!

Lip Color: Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme 12 Loved
Eyes: Morphe 35F PalleteBracelet: Wrightsville Beach Coordinates –
Ring: Charming Charlie


Two AMAZING Breakfast Spots You HAVE To Try 

     I spent my college years, and the majority of my “adult” life in Wilmington, North Carolina.  During that time I came across AMAZING local food. Two restaurants that are absolutely my favorite for breakfast include The Dixie Grill and Blue Surf Cafe. Now, I’m easy to please – especially with breakfast food. Just give me something with a lot of cheese and hot coffee. But, these spots are different. The food is made with, I guess you could say, “care”. Your tummies will thank you!

The Dixie Grill has been a long time favorite of mine.  It’s where I love to bring people who have never been to Wilmington. The atmosphere is “hipster” if that makes sense.  It’s a great place for mimosas in mason jars, local artwork, and BREAKFAST BURRITOS.  I love the bacon jalapeño burrito with a side of salsa and Franks Red Hot Sauce.  I alternate between brekfast potatoes and cheese grits as a side.  The burrito is LOADED with eggs, potatoes, bacon, cheese, jalapeños, and other spices, tightly rolled and grilled on a tomato basil wrap. It’s fairly inexpensive, especially for all the food you can get, I will often only eat half. It’s located in downtown Wilmington on Market Street with parking avaiable on the street and easy access to the river. It’s a MUST try in my opinion.

Blue Surf Cafe is another one of my favorite restaurants in Wilmington. Being that it is only about a mile from UNCW it’s a great option for college students.  The menus are on giant chalkboards with most of the ingredients listed. A personal favorite of mine is the bacon egg and cheese sandwich on sourdough. It’s a classic that they have perfected. The bacon is always perfectly cooked and not greasy and the perfect combination with the fried egg, melted cheese, and toasted bread. At $5.00 it’s a price that cannot be beat.

The Dixie Grill: 116 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

Blue Surf Cafe: 250 Racine Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403

New Year New Favorites 

 I’m kind of obsessed with making lists. I love making lists for work. I love making lists for grocery shopping. I love making lists for my blog. When I found this book The 52 Lists Project I had to buy it. Every week for a year you’re given different prompts and you’ll make a list based on that prompt. For example: List your goals, or list your best qualities, or list your dream trips. I’m so excited to complete this and use it not only as accountability, but inspiration!

My next favorite has been my go-to everyday fragrance for years now. Enchanted Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift is incredibly beautiful. The notes include berries, sugar, and vanilla. It’s faint enough to wear daily!
The next set is a Lorac eye palette and mascara/liner trio that I am living for! The mascara is so so so great and I would 100% recommend it to anyone with sparse or short lashes. Mine actually look full and long when I use this. I’ll be honest, the liner is not my favorite, but it works and is a great liner for a “no-makeup- makeup-look.” The shadows are fiercely pigmented and the highlighter shades are so pretty I could cry. I purchased this set for $35 from Ulta.
With the new year already in full swing, I decided to share some of my goals with you.

  1. Read and review 12 or more book this year. I’ve never been a reader, but recently I’ve become a huge fan of how calm reading books has made my soul. I love taking time away from reality and losing myself in a good book.
  2. Be healthy. I’m not talking about going to the gym everyday or going on a diet because realistically, I’ll never do that. I simply hope to take better care of my health and make better choices to protect it.
  3. Spend more time with family. I love my job, but I am guilty of letting my job take precedence over my family. In 2017, when my family needs me, I’ll be there.
  4. Spend more time with Jesus. Simple as that. I want to draw nearer to Him.
  5. Travel. Again, nothing crazy, I’d just love to take a trip somewhere and enjoy new scenery.
  6. Blog more. When I started blogging last Spring, I had no idea the joy that this would bring me. I’m so thankful for the many people I’ve connected with and how much I’ve learned and grown from starting The Heart and Soul Blog. I hope to share my thoughts, finds, and crazy deals with you wayyyy more!

What are some of your goals for 2017?