Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal


Call me crazy, but I love mornings. I’m way more productive and energized at 8am than 8pm. I’m definitely not a night owl – My nickname in college was Grandma Stacie if that gives you any ideas of how much I can’t hang out late lol. Completely odd for a 23 year old I know. I use my mornings to organize my day and prepare for work in the evening. Some of my favorite morning activities include drinking coffee (duh), checking social media and e-mails, and catching up on The Crown aka my favorite Netflix show at the moment.

Being cozy in the morning is a must for me. I’ve been LIVING in these leggings I purchased from one of my good friends and co-workers, Ashley, who hosted a LulaRoe pop-up party. They are super soft and perfect for wearing to work (if you’re a dance teacher lol).

How adorable are these red fuzzy socks? One of my students gave them to me for Christmas and they are so soft and so cozy. Thank you Allison ❤

You’re probably wondering why I’m wearing a beanie, well my hair is a HOT MESS plus it’s super adorable. This was also a Christmas Gift from Old Navy and is perfect to wear during the Holiday’s.

Lastly, the real talk of the town – The Shirt. My cousin and I got these three years ago to wear to our family Christmas party and I’ve loved it ever since! Although Home Alone is NOT my favorite (shame on me I know) I love this shirt. It’s perfect to lounge in this time of year. Here is a similar one from Etsy!


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