I Like My Coffee Like My Men…


Coffee is my BFF. When I rise in the morning, give me Jesus and give me coffee. I am a very simple gal. I have been known to use a TON of sugar and cream to flavor my coffee, but over the last few years, I’ve grown to love little to no flavoring. I like my coffee like my men (well, my man) strong, sweet, and hot. My favorite coffee ever is this Krispy Kreme light roast coffee. It’s for those mornings where I’m only slightly exhausted. For the extremely rough mornings I dig Cuban coffee. I only add about a half of a teaspoon and it’s good to go. I’ve been loving this French Vanilla creamer by Coffee Mate and they also make a great Pumpkin Spice flavor in the Fall!

What’s your go-to coffee in the morning?


2 thoughts on “I Like My Coffee Like My Men…

  1. Omg, I literally get up and start my coffee machine. Literally the first thing I odd. i generally like it the Starbucks way, I give my double expresso coffee a real shake with loads of ice and a little caramel πŸ˜› This is so relatable πŸ˜€


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