Affordable Christmas Decor 

I’ve seen so many beautiful trees on Pinterest and Instagram and being the Christmas lover and gold obsessed girl that I am, I wanted my tree to be a gold and glitter wonderland. I set aside $50.00 to purchase a tree, lights, AND ornaments. I thought I’d have a few ornaments and spend most of my money on a tree. I was so wrong!

I found this adorable 4ft white tree at Family Dollar for $10.00. Yeah, you read that right! They were also running a sale on lights which was buy one get one free! I found two boxes of 70 white lights for around $4.00. THANK YOU FAMILY DOLLAR!

For the ornaments, ribbon, flowers, and topper, I spent around $20.00 at the Dollar Tree and got a TON of ornaments. The only item I didn’t purchase this year was my sweet Mickey Mouse ornament I bought at Disney World last year. I am in love with the cute little reindeer and mirrored ornaments. They are such great quality for such a great price.

I spent a total of $35.00 on this tree when I expected to spend $50.00!

You should definitely check out your local dollar stores. The Christmas decor might surprise you!

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