Style Secret Revealed

I purchased this suede skirt from one of my FAVORITE stores ever – It’s Fashion Metro. I get so many questions about why I shop there or how I find cute items there – it’s pretty simple for me. It’s affordable for my budget and if you spend time looking, you’ll find so many designer dupes or look-a-likes for more expensive clothes or accessories. When I bought this skirt last year I intended on wearing it for Christmas, but it was WAY to cold for that. I started seeing similar skirts all over the gram after the Nordstrom sale and was so excited. I was like OMG I own that! I had also purchased this black and white dress from there because I LOVE a good stripe and LOVE a good cotton dress. It’s perfect to wear with booties, otk boots, or heels. What happens next is my favorite: I decided to wear the skirt and dress together. If you have a dress you love and skirt you can’t live without, why not pair them together? It’s so easy to slip a skirt over a cotton dress like this one, just make sure the skirt is longer than the dress. Have fun making your very own personalized outfit!
Dress: It’s Fashion Metro
Skirt: It’s Fashion Metro
Booties: Forever 21

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