Instagram Round-Up

Three of my most favorite outfits featured on my Instagram this week have included some super cute and affordable tops that are perfect for this amazing weather we’ve been having in North Carolina. I’ve been dreaming about cooler weather since last season and now that it’s here my heart is bursting!
I’ve talked about this floral tunic before in a post this summer, now I’m so excited to be wearing it again this fall. It’s by the brand Angie, and I purchased it from TJMaxx. The wine colored tones are perfect for this time of year and I’m obsessed with wearing it with jeans I distressed myself (another post is coming soon with a tutorial!!).
I’m the girl you know that is always cold, sleeps with 5 blankets on, and keeps the heat on full blast in her car. For that reason sweaters are my jam in cooler weather. This pink oversized knit sweater is absolutely adorable. I purchased it from Roses, y’all know I love Roses, for less than $9.00. Even if I only wear it a couple of times, it’s worth the price!
I also purchased this tan turtleneck at Roses for less than $12.00. I love the cross stitching on the sleeves, it adds such a cute detail! I bought this two sizes up to have an oversized look (to hide all the hibernation food overload I’ve got going on). I love the neutral color because I can pair anything with it and it will still look great!

Style Secret Revealed

I purchased this suede skirt from one of my FAVORITE stores ever – It’s Fashion Metro. I get so many questions about why I shop there or how I find cute items there – it’s pretty simple for me. It’s affordable for my budget and if you spend time looking, you’ll find so many designer dupes or look-a-likes for more expensive clothes or accessories. When I bought this skirt last year I intended on wearing it for Christmas, but it was WAY to cold for that. I started seeing similar skirts all over the gram after the Nordstrom sale and was so excited. I was like OMG I own that! I had also purchased this black and white dress from there because I LOVE a good stripe and LOVE a good cotton dress. It’s perfect to wear with booties, otk boots, or heels. What happens next is my favorite: I decided to wear the skirt and dress together. If you have a dress you love and skirt you can’t live without, why not pair them together? It’s so easy to slip a skirt over a cotton dress like this one, just make sure the skirt is longer than the dress. Have fun making your very own personalized outfit!
Dress: It’s Fashion Metro
Skirt: It’s Fashion Metro
Booties: Forever 21

Bootie Rockin’ Everywhere

I bet I got you with that tag line! I believe one of the best ways to bring an outfit together is to add a great pair of shoes. For Fall, can you guess which shoes I’m loving? I’m talking about booties – or shorter boots. I’m going to break down just a few of my favorite styles and how I wear them, just keep reading 🙂
Of course there are limitless options for colors for these shoes, but for all practical purposes I’m going to stick with three – Black, Grey, Brown. I feel like these three colors can be worn with anything and look amazing! If I’m going for a preppier look, I love mixing blacks and browns. For instance, brown boots with a black cape or cardigan. If I want to look like I’m in a rockstar I’ll toss on an all black outfit, red lipstck, and black booties.
One of this season’s newest trends is suede. I love the idea of having this trend available in shoes. It’s one of my favorite finishes of these boots, it’s super casual and rugged. My next favorite is leather. Leather is classy, wearable, and can be dressed up or down.
Once again, I have two favorites, one being wedges and the other being chunky heels. For me, these are the most comfortable styles to wear. Of course, there are plenty of options to choose from regarding heels, but these two are my favorite!
How to Rock Your Bootie:
Jeans: I am a pretty simple girl and love a good pair of jeans. When wearing booties, I just roll the bottom up to show a small about of my ankle. This is “supposed” to make me appear slightly taller by separation the line of my leg and foot. Hopefully that little illusion works!!
Skirts/Dresses: Pairing these shoes with a cute t-shirt dress is one of my favorite go-to outfits. It’s comfy and stylish all at the same time. Since your legs will show, just remember to wear ankle socks or at least make sure they are super cute!
This blog post was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers: Brighton Keller. Her blog “Brighton the Day” is AMAZING!

This Week’s Favorites

First of all, this past week has been very trying for my community. The devastation from Hurricane Matthew has been life-changing for so many of my neighbors and friends. I ask that you keep everyone who is having to deal with losing a home or has been displaced due to flood waters in your thoughts and prayers. 
On to my favorites…
I am OBSESSED with the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series. This is the second book, and it’s my favorite. It’s a great mixture of magic and mystery and sci-fi and “strange things” and spookiness. Plus, the movie is in theatres and it’s pretty cute! 
Wild and Free has completely changed how I see myself. It has reminded me where to place value and priority in my life and given me perspective when I feel like I’m inadequate or a little too “extra”. I’d recommend this 100%. 
This Sephora green tea face mask has been an item on my “want” list for a while. I always feel so pampered after trying new face masks. I’m so excited to try my first sheet face mask. This one in particular claims to be mattifying and anti-blemish. YAS SEPHORA! Help a girl OUT! 
I initially got a sample of this Philosophy Purity facial cleanser in a sample bag I purchased from Sephora and quickly fell in love so I bought the 16oz bottle! It removes make-up so well and makes my skin feel hydrated without being oily and has the most pleasant scent. Do yourself a favor and pick some up! 
Smell Good
If you are basic like me you already know what the most anticipated Fall candle is…Leaves. Duh. It has notes of crisp red apple, golden nectar, and warm clove spice. It’s like Fall in a candle. I purchased this from Bath and Body Works along with another scent which isn’t pictured, but, y’all pray for me, I like the other one more. It’s called Sweater Weather and I may end up on My Strange Addiction for hoarding so many candles of that scent. I could eat them. So yummy! Swing by B&BW. They are basically running the show and winning the game right now. 
If you have any book recommendations let me know in the comments! I’ve been in a book rut and these two books have finally got me out of it. So now I want to read EVERYTHING!!