June Ipsy Bag

I’ve been receiving monthly Ipsy bags thanks to the suggestion of one of my good friends Tatum. At this point, I don’t think I’d want to do life without this bag! It’s like a little box of chocolate, but instead of chocolate, it’s make up/beauty products. You never know what you’re gonna get! 
The great thing about this bag is that most of the products are full size, it’s customizable (you answer a few questions about your makeup preferences), and most of the products are high-end! It’s also $10.00, so it’s super affordable for all the products you get. 
In this months bag I received five products
1. Nail polish by Trust Fund Beauty in the shade “No Filter” (it’s a pink-ish gray-ish tan)
2. Felt-tip eyeliner by Model Launcher in the shade “Emerald Isle” (it’s a green-ish aqua)
3. Benefit Cosmetics “Ka Brow” creme gel brow in the shade “5”
4. Concealer Brush by Vasanti
5. Face moisturizer by Befine Food Skin Care

***let me know what products you got in your Ipsy bag this month!***



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