Pink Dress and Cute Accessories

I’ve posted this exact dress in a mint/teal color before, but this is a different brand, and a different color, so why not share this one??? First of all, it comes with a little belt, but for this look, I nixed it.  I love that I can wear it without the belt for a more flow-y look. I found this dress at Julie’s Boutique in Wilmington (last year maybe?) and I’ve loved it ever since.  The brand is Naked Zebra.  If you have never been to Julie’s Boutique in Mayfaire Town Center, you’re missing out.  They aren’t paying me to say any of this I promise lol. The store is just great!

My accessories include a blue necklace from Rugged Warehouse that was less than $5.00, a brown clutch from Kmart for less than $10.00, and basic brown wedges from Guess (at least 5 years old).

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