Favorite Beauty Products

First off, I’ve missed writing! I know it’s only been a few days, but I feel so out of touch with my blog! To start off, I’m loving products that save me money…in the long run. A couple of these products were a little pricey, but I believe that you reap what you sow when it comes to beauty products. Let’s get started! 
First stop is this Clarisonic look-a-like. I purchased this for $5.00 at Roses in Mt. Olive not expecting much. I’ve never heard of the brand, Elite Essentials, but I decided to give it a try anyway. It was so worth it. I use it every night and have noticed the biggest difference in the texture of my skin. I used a moisturizing face wash and use this on the “high” setting and my face feels so soft after! It’s the perfect companion. 
Next is this gel nail polish by Sensationail polishes. I bought this as a gel set and the polish has stayed on for 2 weeks. The set came with a nail cleaner, cuticle pushers (sorry, I don’t know the correct word), gel base and top coat, gel primer,this polish, a nail file, lint-free nail cleaners, and a curing light! It was under $30.00. Sounds like a lot for nail polish, but it beats paying $30.00 or more every visit to the nail salon! You can also purchase more color options, as well. 
I’ve heard so many make-up artists rave about the Loreal Lumi foundations. I can understand why. This foundation/sunscreen combo offers buildable coverage with a dewy finish. I purchased mine to wear with self-tanner and I’m in the warm shade W5 Sand Beige. It’s very affordable and perfect to wear this Summer. 
Bumble and Bumble is my go-to brand for hair products. I’ve been using their gentle shampoo and super-rich conditioner for the last few months and can tell a HUGE difference in my hair. It feels cleaner, it’s grown faster, it’s easier to style, and is less frizzy. When I found this styling lotion at Target for less than $15.00 I had to try it out. I put a little bit in my hair before I style it and it gives my hair more volume. I highly recommend it! 
I’ve been so blown away by the traffic to these posts! Let me know what you’re interested in seeing next. Have a great week. 
xoxo, Stacie 

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