Cool For The Summer

It’s HOT in North Carolina right now, so I’m definitely trying to stay cool when picking out my outfits. Personally, I always feel better the more covered I am (weird I know) but there is just something about having a flowy top or dress on that makes me feel cool and comfortable in warm weather. Today’s outfits both came from TJMaxx and were inspired by some one my favorite bloggers and clothing stores…Alex Garza and Free People. I love how both frequently use bohemian fashion when styling outfits and use flowy fabrics with lots of floral prints. 
This mint dress is a dream to wear and it’s by the brand Norah. It’s perfect to wear casually or make more dressy. I love the teal color and feel like I can wear literally any color jewelry, shoes, or accessories with it.  It’s very flattering, especially with that tied waist. I feel like it would be great to wear after a day at the beach.  Again, it’s from TJMaxx!
I feel like this top could be close cousins with Free People clothing items. It’s a design from Angie clothing company, and I am in LOVE with their look book. I’ll definitely be looking for more pieces from this brand. It could easily be one of my favorite companies. They do have several designs at Nordstrom Rack. I am obsessed with the floral print with a pop of wine. I can’t wait to wear it out to dinner with jeans or around town with shorts. I totally recommend this top for the summer. This top is also from TJMaxx! 
Happy shopping yall! For more fashion and beauty info during the week, follow me on Instagram
xoxo, Stacie

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