Designer Dupes

Today on Shopping for Gold, I’m going all in on one of my most favorite dupe purchases of all time. This look can transfer from work to “werk” real quick, so get ready! Lots of neutrals, color blocking, and bold statement pieces are used! 
First up, the one, the only, Celine bag dupe. After letting this purse slip through my fingers once ( talked myself out of it because I had just bought a designer bag) I promised myself if I ever came across another one I’d buy it immediately. You may ask why I’m being over dramatic about a “fake” bag, well, the retail price for an authentic Celine bag can be over $2,000. I paid $17.00 for this look-a-like at, guess where, ROSES. Yes, Roses. Roses for the win. 
This white top is by the brand Lush. I found it at TJMaxx couple months ago, but they have the same top online at Nordstrom in a ton of colors. It’s comfy and can be worn with so many things and can make any look seem effortless! 
My jeans are by J Brand and can retail anywhere from $150-$250 a pair. I purchased mine from Rugged Warehouse last winter for under $30.00. A lot of people don’t give that store enough credit. It’s easy to find a treasure if you search hard enough! 
I’ll leave you with a quote by Rachel Zoe – “I appreciate individual style and that has little to do with and who can collect the most expensive designer bags or ankle books. In fashion, anyone can put together an amazing look – even on a dime. And I love that sense of democracy. All you need is individual style.” (Living in Style by Rachel Zoe) 
xoxo, Stacie

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