Recent Purchases

Here are a few of my favorite purchases this week! 
Rachel Zoe is queen of the fashion world, in my opinion. Her advice in this book, Living In Style, is for the everyday style enthusiast, just like me. I ordered this book from Amazon and love how she covers every aspect of beauty. The book itself is beautiful. It’s a pure white hardback with GOLD METALLIC LETTERING. Need I say more? So fancy. 
Next up, Josie Maran’s pure argan oil  I’ve seen and heard so many beauty gurus give their love/hate opinions on using argan oil as a skin moisturizer. I’m here to tell you, I LOVE it. I have dry skin that appears oily, so finding a product to hydrate and mask the shine is difficult for me. I just use a couple of drops on the dry areas of my skin, just before applying foundation. The foundation goes on so smoothly and stays smooth all day and my skin feels so hydrated without feeling oily. I purchased this travel size from Sephora and it was under $20.00. 
Yazz! Is the name of the newest addition to my nail polish collection. It’s a color from the Patrick Star line of Formula X nail polishes. It’s so beautiful and I know it’s going to be my go-to color this Summer. I purchased it from Sephora however, I was unable to find it on Sephora’s website but it might still be in some stores! 
xoxo, Stacie 

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