Spring Decorating

This gold baroque frame immediate caught my eye. Then, I saw the price and knew it was a sign from God that I needed it.  At just $5.00 this frame is perfect to add a bold, unique, flare to any room. Although it isn’t available online, I purchased it from a local Walmart.  It also comes in several different colors! 
I am a journal-er. I love writing things down, making lists, planning my day etc. I love it even more thanks to this gorgeous pen from Hobby Lobby.  As you can probably tell by now, gold is my favorite color.  It’s the perfect accessory.  
Pineapples are a popular item this year. They are super cute and tropical and make great decorations.  I found this cutie from Target. It doubles as a fruity candle, which makes it just like Summer in decor item!
Finally, I came across this adorable jewelry holder from Hobby Lobby. It’s so perfect to hold my daily jewelry essentials in. 

xoxo, Stacie 

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