I got the kimono from Rugged Warehouse last year. A similar one can be found here
 Black tank is from Forever 21 and it comes in several colors. 
The <a href="http://www.belk.com/AST/Main/Belk_Primary/PRD~1800273SLIMC71788N/Levi+s+712+Slim+Cut+Ankle+Jeans.jsp?ZZtP=4294923540&ZZt=Levi+712&ZZ_ST=Levi+712&fO=AND(Category_Path,NOT(P_IS_PRODUCT_SEARCHABLE:N))&ZZ_OPT=Y&FOLDERfolder_id=2534374302079405&bmUID=lgZi.0_&changeViewInd=y&colorCode=401″ id=”id_c5e3_3770_af9c_4b2f”>jeans are by Levi Strauss & Co. I purchased mine from Belk. It is super difficult for me to find a good pair of white jeans, but these are great! 
Sunglasses are from It’s Fashion Metro and were very affordable. Here’s a similar pair. 
I wore these earrings from Cato and shoes from Target in my previous post, but I love them I thought they worked great for this look!  Here are similar earrings. 
See you next time! xoxo, Stacie

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