Suede + Gingham + I’m Excited About Life


I’m keeping 2 HUGE secrets from y’all – one I’ll reveal in this post and the other is so stinking exciting…but I can’t tell you just yet. I will say I’m working on a HUGE beauty post and that the Lord has proven over the last few weeks that when you honor His plans for your life, He will blow your expectations out of the water. Anyway, I’ve been on a huge kick lately about being daring when it comes to styling my outfits. I’m not talking popping on a bold lip color and heels either. I’m talking layering and pattern mixing. My outfit may seem like an off the shoulder top tucked into a skirt but it’s actually an off the shoulder dress tucked into a skirt – surprise. I fell in love with this trend last fall when I styled this skirt with another dress. I wanted to keep the trend up this season and couldn’t wait to style it with this gingham dress I purchased this summer. Go for the layers! I’ll share some similar styles below for y’all to check out. Also, don’t forget to follow my Instagram @staciesdawson for daily outfit inspo!

Gingham Dress: similar here and here | Skirt: similar here and here | Boots: similar here | Earrings: similar here | Ring: similar here | Lipcolor: Kat Von D 

Congratulations to Ashley Walker for winning the birthday giveaway basket!


How To Wear An Outfit 3 Ways


Can it be Friday already orrr? This girl right here is ready for the weekend so I can keep celebrating what’s about to be the best year of my life! I’m sharing this outfit because, 1. It’s super affordable and 2. It’s 3 outfits in one. I paired two different patterns together and LOVE it. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns – I think stripes and plaid scream fall. You can tie the plaid shirt around your waist, knot it over the dress, or simply go without it. It’s an adorable seasonal look anyway you style it. I’m wearing this outfit with my all time favorite Lucky Brand booties which are on a crazy good sale! These are a must have for any season. You can shop the details of this outfit below.

Sweater Dress: similar here | Plaid Shirt: similar here | Booties: Lucky Brand


It’s My Birthday + Giveaway!


Well, I’ve made it to 24! This past year has been full of growth – I’ve learned what I want and don’t want in life and I began making some of my dreams a reality. I added a new member to my family, Charlie, my puppy. He was the best decision I have ever made. The Heart and Soul Blog became my second job and has brought me so much happiness. Also, with the help of some wonderful doctors and very “esssspensive” medications have fallen back into remission for Crohn’s disease. While there have been some pretty rough patches this year, it’s far from over and I’m believing that God’s blessings aren’t finished.

I wanted to share a fun giveaway for my H&S fam since y’all have stuck around with my crazy self. This little gift basket has a few of my favorite things inside: Grace Not Perfection, a super cute agenda, Hocus Pocus, a face mask, micellar water, earrings, and an adorable makeup bag. All you have to do to be entered to win is be subscribed to my blog and comment below your favorite thing about birthdays – super easy! The giveaway will close on October 15, 2017 at 11:59 pm and the winner will be announced on the blog Monday October 16, 2017.


For The Girl That’s Too Much


If you’ve ever been told that you are “too much” this post is for you. Too loud. Too nice. Too mean. Too passionate. Too extra. I’ve heard it all. The world profits on the “too” that you are. People label you as “too much” to make you think you need to get rid of that extra sauce that makes you an amazing individual. I’m the worlds most gaudy girl. I love lipstick, heels on all occasions, and LOTS of pink. For me, those things are just right, but for some people, it’s obnoxious. It would be silly of me to change something, that for me, is such a staple, just to appease someone’s silly opinion. Let’s take that a bit further and say someone doesn’t like you because of a physical feature, your personality, or even your beliefs. If you wouldn’t alter your lipstick or love for pink why on God’s green earth would you alter such individualistic traits? Moral of the story – the “extra” that so many people see as a stumbling block is actually your stepping stone. Rock what ya got!

What better outfit to feature than one that features my favorite things – pink, heels, and lipstick! These heels are top notch and perfect for the office and the town. I’m also wearing a belt I recently purchased and love! It’s a designer look-a-like I found for $14 – and if anyone wants to make fun of my thriftiness – read the above paragraph 🙂 I don’t have $500 to drop on a belt – plus my blog’s whole purpose is to show you affordable fashion. I’ll link the outfit details below. Happy hump day!

Top: similar here | Jeans: Gap | Heels: Jessica Simpson | Purse: Target | Sunnies: similar here | Belt: MOYOTO | Lipstick: Nars


5 Things I Wish I Learned Before 24

IMG_7587IMG_7560IMG_7557IMG_7552IMG_7550IMG_7548IMG_7540IMG_7536IMG_7537Happy Monday y’all! Yes, I did just say “happy” because it’s October and it’s officially my birthday month – so I’m pretty excited. I’ll be 24 and I plan on making the most of my 24th year by traveling, taking risks, and moving – you read that right! Anyway, I wanted to share a few things I wish I would have learned before I turn 24. Because, shoulda’, coulda’, woulda’ right?

1. Just because you’ve learned to eat alone doesn’t mean you should. I became über independent in college. It brought out an intense introverted quality in me and I started to really enjoy doing life alone. I would go shopping alone, workout alone, and eat alone. I stopped meeting new people and even ignored some of my best friends for the sake of “alone time”. You need people in your life. Sure, eating alone every once in a while does allow you to be introspective, but it also cripples some pretty great relationships.

2. Just because Sally bought a Louis Vuitton and a 4Runner doesn’t mean you need to. Two of my dream purchases right there y’all! But, I’ve spent way to much energy being low-key jealous of people who have those two things that I’ve contemplated buying them just to satisfy that craving – how dumb? I’m very passionate about living within your means. I was willing to go well outside of mine just to have something that I don’t need right now and that isn’t currently practical for me. I refuse to put myself in debt for selfish reasons. Thank God I haven’t acted on those selfish ambitions before now!

3. People aren’t as bad as they seem. I have placed so much judgment on people because I thought they think differently than me, only to find out we share more in common than I thought. Those very people are some of my best friends. I wish it didn’t take me 24 years to figure that out.

4. Be unapologetically proud of who you are. God has called us all to a life of greatness.  He created you with uniqueness and grace. When someone makes fun of the obnoxious gold shoes you love – WEAR THEM ANYWAY. If someone prefers your hair straight when its naturally curly – YOU BETTA ROCK THOSE CURLS. If someone disses your laugh – LAUGH LOUDER. I’ve learned that the insecurities of others raise their ugly heads at people who are happy. Don’t let someone’s weakness steal your joy.

5. Jesus will be there always – but don’t use His grace as an excuse to sin. I wish I never had to say I’ve been there, but I have. I won’t go into harsh details, but I completely  put my faith out the window several years ago out of bitterness and anger, knowing that if I ever wanted God to “rescue me” He would. While He did rescue me, I took advantage of the grace He freely gives.

On to the outfit deets!

This has been one of my tried and true Fall outfits for the past few years. It’s simple, easy to create, and comfortable. I love the neutral colors that blend so perfectly with each other – I’m a sucker for hunter green! I’ve also gotten some questions about my phone case. It’s from the dollar section at Target and I got it last year. I’ll share some similar cases that I really love!

Tee: similar here | Vest: similar here | Jeans: Gap | Booties: Lucky Brand | Lip Color: Nars | Phone Case: similar here


I Have A Confession…


Well, I’ve got to be honest and put this out on the table: this is by FAR one of my favorite outfits I have ever put together. I feel like such a boss in it. I’m a huge fan of wearing all black and mixing different fabrics, so pairing this silk tank with black jeans and a denim jacket seemed like such a fun idea. The studs on my handbag give it a little edge and it’s the perfect size. I purchased my jacket from a thrift store and love the oversized look – it hides the pounds I’ve put on lol. I don’t know about you, but my outfit can completely change my mood. If I’m wearing something I love, my confidence is boosted and I feel like I can take on the world! That’s what I love about fashion.

Tank: H&M | Jeans: JBrand | Heels: Jessica Simpson | Handbag: Target | Watch: similar here | Earrings: similar here | Jean Jacket: similar here | Lip Color: Urban Decay


OOTD – Embroidered Skirt + Cold Shoulder Top


It’s Monday again, friends! As bummed as I am, I have so much to look forward to this week. I’m choreographing a dance for my community’s version of Dancing With The Stars. My two “stars” are picking up on the dance so quickly and are such good sports about it. My mom has had a much better week and we’re so excited to only have two more treatments left. Charlie, my sweet pup, is officially 10 months old and is the best thing in my life – he’s learning so much at doggie school! In other news, I found this skirt at Target this past week and can’t get enough of it! I mean, just look at the embroidery! It’s corduroy and feels so soft and well made and was so affordable. I paired it with a cold shoulder top, which I think is the perfect fall transition piece, especially with the hot weather in NC! I’ll link the details of my outfit below. Have a great week y’all!

Top: similar here and here | Skirt: similar here| Shoes: Lucky Brand | Purse: similar here | Watch: similar here | Earrings: similar here | Lip Color: Urban Decay